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What Our Customers Have To Say...

Lucy from Ohio
"Lucy may look like a fancy girl, but she loves to get wet, muddy and enjoy the outdoors. We love how her Walk-e-Woo holds up and washes so well, and it still has a girly touch of fashion." -Jane, OH
Leo & Elli from France
"I found Elli 3 years ago, skinny and traumatized after hunting season when the hunters just abandon the dogs," says Simone, an interior designer in the South of France. "Here I am with her and my Leo-Love on the cover with your gorgeous collars! I love how the reverse colors make them look more like a team :-) - Simone, France
Winter from Colorado
" I have been purchasing Walk-e-Woo collars and leashes for years. Winter wears a whole plethora of them. She wears them with pride and joy! They are always so bright and colorful and you can tell they are made with love. Highly recommend you get one for your special fur baby." -Sandie, CO