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Walk-e-Woo Dog Collars and more. Guaranteed satisfaction.

Tired of the same 'ole dog collars and dog accessories? You've come to the right place! We've been making our original dog products since 2002 and we understand that dog owners want super high quality combined with unique style. Why shouldn't you and your awesome dog have it all? So, we go the extra mile in everything we do. From our friendly and prompt customer service to painstaking quality construction and oh yes, it has to look good too! We are committed to making dog collars, dog leashes, dog harnesses, dog bow ties and dog toys that are not only made well, but also stand out for their colorful and sophisticated design. We know you are shopping for your best friend and the regular old stuff won't do. So, whether it's a pink polka dot collar or plaid dog leash or flower bow tie, we've made it extra special for you. Guaranteed 100% Always.