Walk-e-Woo Family

Our animals bring us more joy than we could ever possibly give back. We've dedicated this section to sharing some notable pictures and stories of some of our awesome customers. If you've got a picture and a story, please send it to us at info@walkewoo.com. Enjoy!



Newly adopted by famous Colorado radio talk-show host, Ross Kaminsky and his wife Kristen, Reuben sure does seem to be loving life. And, he's probably one of the most well-informed dogs around!

People in the Denver area can hear Ross on KHOW radio daily from 5am-10am as he discusses politics and current events on the popular Ross Kaminsky Show (http://rosskaminsky.com).  Ross reports that “Reuben is a friendly and tremendously undisciplined 7-month old French Bulldog. He loves everybody, especially new people and will certainly be the worst guard dog ever.”



Sometimes you get to know customers when you make a mistake. But, that's ok, because we believe in always turning a lemon into lemonade:)  Heeeere's Charlotte!


Charlotte is a spunky King Charles Spaniel who lives with her person, Rochelle, who happens to be an artist. Rochelle wrote to us, "Your line of collars and leashes spoke to my sense of design and to Charlotte's beauty and personality. What I like about Walk-e-Woo is the GREAT customer care you provide and the varied styles you offer, plus a durable sturdy product that has style and design."


Monkey and Gunther

Monkey (left) went through SIX homes before she ended up in her forever awesome home with her brother, Gunther who was surrendered by a backyard breeder due to a leg ailment. 

Today, they often make celebrity appearances with all the other foster dogs at one of our favorite retailers, Jett and Monkey, in Des Moines, Iowa. It warms our heart to see these two having a blast together!


Cowboy (the Cat) and Truman (the Dog)

Mortal enemies and nap buddies, these two WalkeWoo product testers enjoy a little sun on their noses.  Originating from separate rescues, both now enjoy the Colorado mountain life.


Cowboy is a Maine Coon that enjoys climbing everything in site with no mind to the damages. Truman is a Lhasa Apso that somehow retains alpha status with the pack. His pastimes include hoarding bones, long naps, and making his displeasure known.


Mookie and Rick

Rick knows how to make a dog feel right at home but does struggle with setting boundaries. In Mookie's defense, he did just come off an 18 hour road trip to Santa Barbara.

Mookie is an Affenpinscher and was rescued from the Denver Dumb Friends League. Something of an escape artist, he enjoys breaking out and running as fast as his little legs will take him.  Mookie plays hard all day long and then enjoys one final tussle in bed before calling it a day.  Those that sleep with Mookie report much snoring.