Q:  Where can I find a Walk-e-Woo retailer near me?
A:  Walk-e-Woo can be found in top-quality retailers across North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.  We value our relationships with our retailers and are more than happy to give you information on where you can find the nearest retailer.  Please email us at info@walkewoo.com and we will respond to you within 24 hours or so, often faster. 

Q:  Where did the name "Walk-e-Woo" come from?
A:  "Who wants to go for a walkiewoo?" has always been Wendy’s way of inviting her dogs out for a stroll.  Yeah, she baby-talks her cootsy-wootsy boys and girls a wittle bit. Is that such a crime? According to Curiosity.com, 91% of all pet owners baby talk to their pets.

 Q:  What exactly do we mean by “quality” products

 A:  The word “quality” gets thrown around a lot. And, isn’t it frustrating to buy something that’s really great-looking, but it just doesn’t hold-up? We feel the same. That’s why we use only the highest caliber materials and hardware. Then, we take extra steps that others don’t – like bar-tacking (a type of heavy-duty stitching) to secure hardware in place, and hard-core nylon thread that will never fray.

 Q:  If I don't like the color or quality of my collar or leash, am I stuck with it?

A:  Nah, we treat our customers right -- free exchange or full refund if not happy with anything.  We stand by our products 100%.  Please contact us at info@walkewoo.com with any issues and we will issue a return authorization. 

Q:  How fast do you ship?

A:  Most orders ship within 24-48 hours.  

Q:  How do I wash my Walk-e-Woo?

A:  We recommend machine-washing your collar and/or leashes on a cold water/gentle cycle. Place them in a netted lingerie bag for best results. Then, hang dry. You can also use moist baby-wipes for spot cleaning. These work great!

Lastly, you can spray your product with a Scotchguard™ type protector to make it more dirt and water-resistant!

Q:  Can I purchase Walk-e-Woo products at wholesale?

 A:  Absolutely! Qualified retailers can place wholesale online orders by signing up for a wholesale account with us. Then, please email or call us and let us know you would like wholesale pricing on your account. Once we’ve reviewed your application, we can classify and activate your account for wholesale status, at which time you’ll be able to view and purchase products at wholesale prices. 

 Q: Is this a secure website?

A: Your info is 100% safe with us and will never, ever be shared.

Q: Do you ship internationally?  Do you pay VAT tax?

A: We do ship internationally but we are unable to collect and pay VAT taxes for you, this responsibility falls on the customer.